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Sky Food Processing Machinery serves as the distributor for Taiwanese food machinery, with a manufacturing experience of over 30 years in Taiwan. SKY primarily specializes in importing cutting machines for meat, vegetables, and various dry goods, and have more than 40 patents models of processing machinery.

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There is a substantial demand in the market, and in Vietnam, we not only sell these machines but also provide professional machinery maintenance. Through the collaboration of our team, we continuously enhance the performance of industrial kitchen equipment and cutting machines. With our expertise and the accumulation of processing results, growth that leads to company excellence and progress, reaching more customer base. The well-received processing machines from SKY are known for their quality and we are committed to continuous promotion and sustainable operations.


Our manufacturing primarily utilizes food-grade 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy for the main materials. We offer specially customized blade cutters that are seamlessly integrated, providing sharp and durable cutting. We pay meticulous attention to reinforcing the design of every small detail in our processing machinery. All our machines come equipped with assistance wheels, making them easy to move and reposition.


Within our machinery range, you will find a wide variety of food processing equipment, including food slicers, dicing machines, shredders, dicing cutters, fine cutters, meat mincers, meat slicers, bone sawing machines, vacuum tumblers, marinating machines, chicken chunk cutters, ingredient mixers, blenders, meat grinders, strips machine, crushers, automatic vegetable cutters, multi-function vegetable cutting machines, dual-purpose slicers, vegetable cutting machines, industrial vegetable cutting machines, large-scale vegetable cutters, large-scale juice extractors, and bone saws. These are just a few examples of the many food cutting and processing machines we offer.

SKY is the exclusive distributor for Taiwanese manufacturers.

We collaborate with manufacturers in Taiwan and mainland China to produce authorized equipment. This partnership allows SKY to maintain a strong reputation in the Southeast Asian market, offering high-quality machinery and becoming the preferred choice for our customers. We also look forward to welcoming more agents to join us, expanding our presence as a major supplier in the food machinery market.

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